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7 Steps to Preventing Burnout



7 Steps to Preventing Burnout            

January 17, 2017

Think of all the excellent managers and supervisors you’ve had. They were probably high achievers.

You’re probably one, too!  High achievers are often so passionate about their jobs they don’t realize how hard they’re working or the load they’re carrying – they just want to succeed.  Which makes them prime candidates for burnout!

You’re probably thinking: I’m not burned out. I’m just a little stressed.

Guess what? “Stressed out” and “burned out” are just a few degrees apart.

Burnout sneaks up on you slowly over time, while you’re dealing with your busy and hectic life, and feeds off your energy.  So, let’s make sure you don’t let stress get the best of you!


7 Signs You May Be Burned Out

1) Change in your daily mood

If you’re typically a happy person, but notice over time your mood has dimmed and you’ve become more cynical, you could be on the road to burnout.


2) You’re tired all the time … no matter what

Do you constantly feel exhausted and drained? Are you having trouble sleeping at night because your brain won’t turn off? You’re stressed and on your way to burnout.


3) You’re sick … and tired

Have you always been a healthy person, but lately find yourself plagued with illness? Burnout can take a toll on you physically and mentally. Visit your doctor and find out if there’s another reason for your recent bad health, or if it’s due to stress.


4) Screwing up more than usual?

Do you find yourself making silly little mistakes or forgetting things often? Is it because you’re having trouble focusing? If so, burnout could be the cause.


5) Are you doubting yourself?

If you’re usually a very decisive person, and you’ve started second guessing yourself more and more over time, guess what? Burnout!


6) Want to flee and sail off to the Caribbean never to return?

It’s normal to want to get away every now and then. But if you find yourself dreaming of throwing in the towel, never to return to your everyday work life, it may be time to face the burnout music!


7) Nothing’s ever good enough

If you used to be happy with your work, but now you’re overly critical of everything you do, you’re experiencing burnout. 

These feelings are all extreme. But if you have the slightest inkling of them, it’s a good idea to stop and look at why before they spiral out of control. 

7 Steps To Prevent Burnout

Step 1: Take breaks

If you’re like most overachievers, you get to the office as early as possible, jump right in and work straight through the day … and possibly the night. According to the experts that’s a mistake.

The right thing to do is take regular breaks – it’s suggested to do it every 90 minutes. Get up and stretch your legs. Give your mind and body time to recover. Then you can return to your office refreshed and renewed.


Step 2: Set limits

This translates to leave work at work! Don’t take it home if possible. Enjoy time with family and friends, tinker with a hobby, watch a movie or favorite TV show, exercise, anything but work!


Step 3: Learn to say ‘No’

Overachievers like to do everything themselves. They never tell anyone “no.” But that’s a great way to burn yourself out.

Learn to say “no” and delegate to others. This way you share the load and the stress!

After all, how are your employees going to learn and grow if you don’t give them more responsibility?


Step 4: Set realistic goals

Before you start work, make a list of the things you need to get done. Then create a realistic timeline, and budget in breaks.

Have too much to do? See step 3 and stick to a realistic eight-hour work day.


Step 5: Be good to yourself

Do some kind of exercise every day, eat well and get a good night’s sleep.

This allows you to be the best version of yourself, and the best boss you can be!

If you neglect yourself, not only will you suffer physically and mentally, but so will your staff.


Step 6: Walk away from technology

If you’re constantly plugged in, then you give stress the opportunity to creep into your day.

When you get home, turn your devices off and just enjoy some peace and quiet. Listen to your favorite music or meet some friends for dinner.

You can even turn off at work – to a degree – by implementing rules like only answer email two times a day … not every time you get a new message.


Step 7: Laugh

Make sure you laugh every day. Ever heard of the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine”?

It’s true!  Laughter decreases stress hormones, increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, and triggers endorphins!

So have a good laugh every day to keep stress and burnout away.


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