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10/12/2016 Safety
Vehicle Inspections



Vehicle Inspections

Vehicles should be inspected before first use on work shifts and properly maintained to ensure they are safe for use. Any defect that might affect worker safety must be corrected before using the vehicle.

Some companies may have more specific inspection requirements; however below is a sample visual inspection checklist which can be used prior to any work trip or any personal journey via automobile:

  • Wheels, rims, lug nuts, and tires, including the spare tire – check proper tire pressure, tire tread, lug nuts tight and torqued.
  • Service brakes, including trailer brake connections and brake adjustment
  • Parking brake – parking brake should hold vehicle from movement when vehicle put into gear.
  • Steering mechanism – no more than 10 degrees play when vehicle in park.
  • Lighting devices and reflectors, including backup lights
  • Turn signals
  • Windshield wipers
  • Securing of material and tools, including any coupling devices – you should use a cargo net if possible.  If not possible, check tie down straps for tight and not flailing in the wind.
  • Emergency equipment, including first aid equipment and fire extinguishers – first aid kits and fire extinguishers need to be inspected monthly.  Fire extinguishers also need to be inspected annually by a certified fire extinguisher inspector.
  • Mirrors including rear-view mirror
  • Horn
  • Engine oil, coolant levels, and fan belts

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