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3/16/2017 Public works: private residential projects (AB 199)
3/15/2017 Opinion: Assemblyman Kansen Chu prevailing wage bill would increase cost of housing
3/9/2017 OSHA Identifies 10 Most Cited Safety & Health Violations of 2016
3/8/2017 Actions by Judges and Lawmakers Could Alter Contracting in California AB262
2/28/2017 Motel Owner Faces Willful Violation for Ignoring Cal/OSHA Red-Tag
2/23/2017 California Reports Thousands of Workers Exposed to Elevated Lead Levels
2/16/2017 Stop Work Authority - Very Interesting
2/16/2017 Legislation Introduced in the House to Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act & High Speed Rail News
2/16/2017 Business’s battle with liberals returns for a new session
1/31/2017 7 Steps to Preventing Burnout
1/24/2017 Three Contract Utility Workers Die in a Confined Space
1/12/2017 New Compensation Requirements for Apprentices on State Public Works Jobs
11/16/2016 Driving Safety
11/16/2016 Survey: OSHA ranks low on small business regulatory concerns
11/16/2016 Worker killed first day on job when mobile trailer falls on him
11/16/2016 Worker crushed to death by 40-ton beam; $152K OSHA fine
10/27/2016 ABC’s of Heavy Lifting
10/19/2016 Preventing Heat Exhaustion - It is still a concern even when the weather is cooler!
10/12/2016 Vehicle Inspections
10/6/2016 2 Workers Lose Consciousness in Confined Space: $73K fine issued by CAL/OSHA
6/18/2015 Cal/OSHA Issues High Heat Advisory, Sick Leave, Laws you need to know
6/18/2015 Tempatures Rise - OSHA issues warning!
6/18/2015 Governor Brown Reaches Budget Agreement with Legislative Leaders, Calls Special Sessions to Fix Road and Health Care Financing
6/12/2015 Bills Move on, While Others Are Set
5/29/2015 Bills Pared As Suspense Deadlines Pass
5/21/2015 Bills of Interest Still Moving
5/21/2015 Cal OSHA Reports On ”Slips, Trips and Falls” and How to Find Help to Prevent Them
5/15/2015 “Skilled and Trained Workforce” - What you need to know about the laws coming our way!
5/15/2015 DIR Launches Improved Public Works Contractor Registration System
5/1/2015 Safety News
2/26/2015 Take HEED! This Saturday, February 28, 2015 is Deadline to Register as Public Works Contractor
2/1/2015 Need Safety Meeting Topics? Click here for a great resource.